Reviews & Interviews

Linkage Award 2013

Interview: Backyard TV Interview with Reggae Messenger, Luciano at the…

Jamaica Observer

Review: LUCIANO, looking to rebuild his career after some personal challenges…

Review: Alpha Blondy and Luciano Give Denver a 1-2 Punch, Sending the Region into a Reggae Coma…

One Love Festival 2012

Interview: Luciano (Reggae Singer) Interview- One Love Nutra Festival 2012.

At Reggae Geel 2011

Interview: Luciano's Interview with's Laila Newell.

Reggae Jam 2011

Interview: Luciano's Interview with Reggae Jam 2011.

Write My Name 2010

Review: The recent hot streak of Luciano albums continues with this dynamic…

United Reggae 2010

Interview: "We're not just singing about Zion and all those glorious dreams…

Jamaica Gleaner 2008

Review: A new year, new album, another tour. That's a typical schedule for…


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